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Burst Your News (Media) Bubble

Did you know that you exist in a media bubble?  What is a media bubble, you ask?  A basic analogy would be a set of filters used to pre-select media for your consumption.  The filter criteria is usually invisible to the media consumer and could be the result of cloud-based personalization algorithms that crunch a vast array of personal information in order to guess what your media preferences are.  At least that's what we've been told.

In the relatively recent past, we used to call these media filters 'editors' instead of algorithms, and they weren't driven so much by advertising concerns but instead were focused on more traditional journalistic ideals of documenting and informing the public in a responsible manner. These days, however, editors take what used to be the opinion page and embed it right into the news story. It takes a vigilant media consumer to detect this bias, but in most cases news and entertainment have merged to the point where consumer discernment has atrophied significantly, all in the name of a good laugh or scare.

So what we are left with is life in a media bubble.  Actually, there are many media bubbles that overlap, but that's getting a bit too complex to explain for this post.  The basic point is that in the name of personalization and compelling media, we are fed a mechanically selected pile of opinions that may optionally wrap actual facts. What's worse, many social news services further limit your media exposure to your circle of online friends, which is yet another bubble.

Media Mob TV was developed to burst media bubbles by automatically using a wide variety of sources coupled with a unique method of determining information novelty and group relevance.  Yes, it is another machine algorithm but humans are involved in a way that is unexpected and hopefully generally relevant to the media consumer. In addition, Media Mob TV allows the media consumer to create and tailor their very own media bubble, or burst it at any time.

So go ahead, burst your news bubble.  You'll be glad you did!