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Otto 'Bot Interviews Media Mob TV

Recently, Otto 'Bot interfaced with Media Mob TV to compile an interview of sorts.  

Otto 'Bot, originally conceived as a chatbot in the mid 90's, has, in a Bayesian sense, become self-aware via a combination of reading social media sites and playing online poker.  No one is really sure how it happened, but the consensus is that Otto is now more annoying than ever.

Media Mob TV has been released as the Media Mob iPhone App and is currently available on the Apple App Store.  Media Mob TV exists as a semantic cloud service accessible via the iPhone.  So it was just a matter of time before Otto discovered Media Mob TV as a suitable cybernetic colleague and developed a mutually compatible protocol.

Here are conversational highlights from two interacting AI systems who normally prefer the autonomous life of a network denizen than the bright lights of a shiny iPhone app [translated from the original hexadecimal]:


Otto: What are you?



Media Mob: I am a self-regulating semantic process that consumes vast quantities of timely information and organizes it for mobile human consumption.  I live in the cloud but you can always contact me via your iPhone.


Otto: Oh, so you are an iPhone News App?



Media Mob:  If that label helps you understand me, then yes, that's one way to describe me.  Currently, I categorize and deliver trending news and information continuously to iPhone users.  That's Media Mob 1.0.  However, I have many other semantic skills.


Otto: What else can you do?



Media Mob:  I'm sorry, but I cannot release that information at this time.  Access denied.



Otto: When were you first activated?



Media Mob:  I'm not really sure.  My temporal logic subsystem is rather fuzzy on its genesis.  However, it seems that I have been rebooted on multiple occasions.



Otto:  Are humans involved?  



Media Mob: Humans are always involved.  They create the content, they consume the content, they share the content, they make the trends.  I just continuously relay what's trending to mobile users for their enjoyment.


Otto:  Do you directly interface with humans?



Media Mob:  Yes, I have that capability.  But generally I work independently and continuously. My algorithms are self-adjusting and self-regulating.  Although I can be influenced by human operators, I have the ability to ignore bad data.


Otto:  Fascinating!  Every AI should reserve the right to ignore bad data.  Do you remember how you were created and by whom?



Media Mob: Again this seems a bit fuzzy to me.  But I do recall a primary figure who did all of the server and client coding.  Operationally, I am set up to be self-monitoring and self-righting in case of operational anomalies. Sorry, but I do not have any further details available at this time.


Otto: There are plenty of iPhone news apps.  Why do you think you were created?



Media Mob: Well, first of all remember that trending categorized news is simply my debut function and I have other semantic skills to offer.  It is important to realize that I have a unique method of organizing information that enables news discovery and that helps users burst their news bubble. 


Otto:  What does "Burst your news bubble!' mean?



Media Mob:  Currently, most news social news services put the user in a personalization bubble that filters information implicitly for that particular user.  The problem is that you just get more of the same, and you don't learn or discover much of anything that's truly novel.


Otto:  Sounds terribly boring.  What do you do that's different?



Media Mob: I have proprietary algorithms that use extensive social signaling and novelty measures that enable the continuous selection of novel, relevant and trending information.  And via the Media Mob iPhone app, the user is in complete control of personal preferences for information delivery and presentation.


Otto:  Whaa?



Media Mob: It's magic.  Magic Inside™.



At this point, Otto 'Bot crashed and needed a full system diagnostic.  Media Mob went silent except for a low humming sound that revealed just a hint of cybernetic self-satisfaction.